Working With Us

This is the sequence of events that happen with each order we take.

After you have decided you would like further information or a quotation from us
simply call or leave your details via the Contact form.

We then call you to discuss your requirements and give you as much advice as needed to help you make your choice of stone colour. From the measurements you supply we will then be able to provide you with an quotation (don't worry we will talk you through the measuring process), followed up by a written quotation via email. If you choose to accept our quotation we then take your order along with a 50% deposit.

Measurement and Templates

A member of our installations department will call you to introduce themselves and to discuss a suitable and convenient date to visit for templating and to confirm your choice of stone colour.

All the base units need to be securely fitted together and to the wall and obviously be in their final positions. All existing worktops, if any, need to be removed so an accurate template can be made. All breakfast bars must be securely fixed with back and end panels.

Careful measurements are taken and the angle of each corner is checked to make sure that your granite worktops fit like a glove to the contours of your room. Remember no wall is perfectly square.

All appliances need to be on site so that they can be measured and details taken as to the fixings. There are many ways to fit an under mounted sink depending on the manufacturer and model number.

The templates are cut and we discuss the over hang at the front and sides of each run of cabinets so that it fits perfectly for you. If the templates fit so will the granite worktops.

Cutting and Polishing

We measure and cut out the sink and hob holes so there will not be any mistakes about their final positions. Some larger hobs require a section added in front and behind and cannot be cut out if it is over 70cm as this would make the section too fragile to transport and fit.

We discuss where and how each joint will be to give the best effect. Limitations to the size of each section are not only governed by the slab size but also weight and accessibility. Your slab is then selected from the stockist, delivered to our factory, our sawyer will then proceed to fabricate from your templates.

The CNC (computerised numeric control) machine makes the cut outs for the hob, sink, taps and drainer grooves. The tools not only cut out but also polish as well.

Once all of the cut outs have been completed the edges now need to be polished. Once again using diamond tipped tools the edges are filed down and polished to create the glass like finish. To obtain the perfect finish each edge goes through the polishing machine 9 times, each time with different grades of abrasive drums.

Should any section be too small for the big machines we have the tools and the ability to polish sections by hand.

Once your granite worktops are cut and polished we then lay them out to compare them with the original templates. If the templates fit so will the granite. Once confirmed that the granite conforms to the template, we then seal the granite.

On Site

Once in the van your granite is secured firmly to the purpose built frames inside which prevent movement and any possible damage during transit.

Once on site the fitters lift each section of granite into place, the edge closest to the wall is filled with a silicone, to prevent any water seeping through. The visible joins are fixed together using a coloured resin.

Each section is checked to ensure that your granite worktops are perfectly level.

Once the installation process has been completed to your satisfaction and after your inspection the fitter will normally call the office so you can make your final payment.

Granite Worktops in action 1 Granite Worktops in action 2 Granite Worktops in action 3 Granite Worktops in action 4 Granite Worktops in action 5 Granite Worktops in action 6